There are many reasons why you should always try the street foods no matter where you are. One reason is that you get an authentic feel of the culture. The other reason is that you get the chance to mingle with the locals and directly contribute to the local economy. So here is a list of the top five cities that are famous for their street food.

Jamaica and its jerk chicken

You have not had great jerk chicken until you have had Jamaican jerk chicken from a smoky jerk hut. The jerk chicken is so famous such that the recipes are as closely guarded as the recipe for Coca Cola drinks. What most people know is that the preparation involves overnight marination with a host of herbs ranging from ginger, thyme, scotch bonnet chillies, and spring onions. The meat is then roasted gently over pimento wood.

Banh Mi in Vietnam

Most cuisines in Vietnam borrow a lot from the French culture due to the occupation of the French. One of the most popular street foods, the banh mi, which is a form of a sandwich, was a successful by-product of this cultural infusion. It is a forty-centimetre bread that contains a variety of meats, herbs, sauces, and vegetables. If you consider yourself a sandwich connoisseur, then you should try out the banh mi.

Chicken rice in Singapore

Some street foods have managed to cross over from the streets to make it to high dining, and one of these meals is chicken rice. There are many kinds of chicken rice, but the home of chicken rice is in Singapore. The Michelin award is normally awarded to high end establishments. However, history was made in 2016 when two street vendors in Singapore scooped this famous award for their cooking excellence in preparing chicken rice.

Then next time you are an in any of these cities you might want to sample the street food.