Kick back in a vintage deckchair or beanbag and watch the entertainment go by... 

The Naughty Tea Ladies, Jean and Morag will be brewing up a storm around the Gardens on their specially adapted tricycle causing mischief and mayhem. They interact with the children, photo bomb everyone, sing at the top of their very poor singing voices, kiss you on the cheek whenyou least expect it and steal your picnic!!

Our fabulous Baghdaddies Boys will take visitors on a magic carpet ride for an amazing musical trip crossing many corners of the earth. They’ve been astounding audiences throughout Europe for many years with their anarchic medley of traditional European and world musical styles of all eras, throwing them together to form an infectious unique brand of music that never fails to have audiences jumping around in a frenzy!

Watch out for the woods, theremightjustbesomeprehistoric creatures on the loose... You won't miss them, they're almost bigger than Newby Hall! Oncethe dinosaurs havebeencapturedyourchildren can enjoy bushcraft survival skills and den building in the woods or even cook up their ownbug pancakes...if they really want too! 

The StrEaters, Tulip Man, Comedy Coppers and Vintage Lawn Society will be on hand to entertain and amaze all day, interactive and crazy the StrEators are our official giggle creators and will make sure everyone of all ages will giggle like they've never giggled before...! Our Water Duck Fountain might create a few wet t-shirts but the sun will dry you out (the sunshine is booked)...

But if you really want to chill before the Main Stage comes alive you canhave  afancy foot rub can relax in our quirky Water Spa where our lazy chairs ‘wheely’ look like wheelbarrows. Put your feet up in the wheelbarrowloungersandlet the mobile kettle cart pamper your pins with a warm footbath.  What better waytoenjoythefestival tunes.