Did you know that cooking and serving food is art? If you are a chef or have always been fascinated by how foods are made, then you might know this. Every year, people gather for various food festivals to explore the diversity of food as an art. Here are several festivals you should look out for in 2020.

Bacon festival

Bacon is one of the most loved treats for any meal. In California, meat lovers gather every year to explore the diversity of making bacon. From bacon ramen to bacon salad plus bacon tater tots, you will have a variety to choose from. The 2020 bacon festival will be held on the 18th of April.


Montreal, Canada, presents 11 days of the biggest food festival in the region. With over 150 restaurants represented in the event, there are usually hundreds of different cuisines to taste at special offer prices.

Charleston wine and food festival

March is usually a special month for the culinary village in Charleston. The wine and food festival is sealed by a four-day event full of fun and mouth-watering meals. Different sellers and restaurants get the chance to showcase various kinds of seafood, fast foods, wines and spirits.

Hawaii food and wine festival

No paradise is complete without fantastic food, and this is the exact experience you get at the annual Hawaii food and wine festival. The festival is so big that it attracts over 100 international chefs and food enthusiasts.

St Moritz gourmet festival in Switzerland

This is a 5-day festival with almost 40 different events. The events are categorized by various ice-breaking activities such as beer opening and wine tasting. If you love chocolate, the chocolate cult event at the festival will get you chocolate drunk.

If you are a true foodie then you can at least visit one of these festivals.