In today’s world, the number of people who step away from their computer screens to get some fresh air and entertainment has been decreasing. You should not be part of the statistics. You should put attending a festival or going to a place that has some arts and craft as a fun way of spending time. Welcome to, the site that gives you all the information you may need about festivals, food markets and stalls, craft markets, beer, drinks, music nights and entertainment.

Arts and Craft

The value of art and craft starts young for most people and lives on until adulthood. This website simplifies arts and crafts by showing you ordinary places where you can find art and craft. We also give you a guide on what to do when you are visiting a foreign country and you want to buy pieces of art from the local market.

Events and Festivals

In this site, you will find a list of some of the food festivals that are scheduled for this year. You will also get a detailed explanation about the types of festivals that exist and what makes them stand out. Other than events and festivals, we understand the value of street food, and we want you to experience it too. We give you some of the benefits of eating street food and ways of ensuring that you are safe while eating the food. Consider our site a one-stop place for all the information about festivals, food markets and other forms of entertainment.